Roasted Beets

As we enter the blistering cold, sometimes a pop of mediterranean flavors and some comforting roasted beets are all that we need to get through this Winter (or sometimes we pop into 2941 Street Food to get our mediterranean fix) .

Given that people are also trying to keep their New Year’s Resolution of eating healthy, we thought this would be a perfect dish to kick off February!




·       2lbs beets

·       1lb radishes

·       Olive oil

·       Course Sea salt

·       Freshly ground black pepper

·       2 - 3 fresh stems of rosemary

·       Fresh mint

·       Hummus

·       Greek yogurt

·       Fresno chili peppers 

Recipe Preparation

  1. Preheat over to 400°F

  2. Wash your beets and radishes before seasoning with salt, pepper and olive oil

  3. Place the beets in the oven for 30 mins

  4. Add radishes and cook for another 30 mins until beets are tender

  5. Remove the beets + radishes from the oven and leave to cool

  6. Mix greek yogurt, salt, pepper, olive oil, liberal amounts of mint and diced fresno chili peppers

  7. Peel the cooled beets (use gloves unless you want dyed hands for the next couple of days!)

  8. Optional: add freshly chopped carrots or cucumber in additional to your beets and radishes for contrasting freshness

  9. Dip in hummus

  10. Enjoy