Seared Scallops

Perhaps one of my favorite seafoods ever. The delicate, sweet, and slightly briny flavor is unmatched by any seafood. If cooked right, a tender texture pulls apart in your mouth, if done incorrectly… rubber bullets. I use a technique that I learned from watching Gordon Ramsay’s the F Word almost 10 years ago. Follow along and I guarantee absolute perfection.



  • Fresh or defrosted large scallops (6-8 depending on the sizes)

  • Salt & pepper

  • Touch of grape-seed or any high smoking point oil


  • Bring a nonstick (or if you’re confident a cast iron pan) to a medium high heat

  • Pat dry your scallops and season with salt and pepper at the last moment possible so that the moisture does not get drawn out from the flesh

  • Squirt a dash of oil in the pan

  • Starting from the 12 o’clock position place your first scallop down

  • Spacing the timing about 5 second apart, start moving clockwise around the pan so you know which one was the first and which one was last scallop placed in the pan

  • Once you return to 12 o’clock, flip the scallops in the same methodical fashion, 5 seconds apart from each other

  • You should get a beautiful golden sear on both sides (if not, leave a touch longer in the pan)

  • Once you return to 12 o’clock again, take out the scallops from the pan and leave to rest for 2 minutes to let the juices reset and prevent overcooking

  • Plate as you wish and serve

  • Done.