Detox Soda

As part of our healthy kick, I recommend this fizzy detox juice. It is incredibly simple, very refreshing, and green, so I guess healthy? Cucumbers and mint are both anti-inflammatory and help with renewal and hydration.



  • Two Persian cucumbers (the small ones), roughly sliced

  • Two sprigs of mint, leaves only

  • Sparkling Water (I favor Perrier)


  1. In a blender or stick blender, add the mint and cumbers with a splash of the sparkling water

  2. Once completely juiced, pass through a fine sieve

  3. Be sure to squeeze out all of the juices that have the enzymes, vitamins, and nutrients with the back of a spoon

  4. Pour into a glass with an ice cube (or not)

  5. Top with the remaining sparkling water

  6. Give a quick stir

  7. Done.