Räksmörgås (prawn sandwich)

It was breakfast time in an airport in Stockholm and I almost went for McDonalds. But, instead, I saw a wonderful display of the most fantastic Swedish foods. I'm pretty sure this behemoth of a sandwich isn't for breakfast, but I was too excited at the time.

I skimped a lot on the mayonnaise, nixed the dill (not terribly keen on that stuff), substituted langoustines for shrimps, and used arugula. Okay, so I really butchered this Swedish classic… but I went to bed happy and dreamt of vikings, Ikea, Volvos, and ABBA.   



  • Sour dough (or any bread you prefer)

  • 1-2 soft boiled eggs (sliced)

  • A handful of blanched prawns (or in my case langoustine tails)

  • A handful of butter lettuce (or in my case arugula)

  • Lemon (reserve extra for garnish)

  • Chopped dill (reserve extra for garnish)

  • Salt & pepper to taste

  • Mayonnaise to taste


  1. Combine the shellfish, mayonnaise, salt & pepper, squirt of lemon juice, and dill in a mixing bowl

  2. On the bread, lay out your greens and then add the slices of soft-boiled egg

  3. Pile on your shellfish

  4. Serve with a lemon (and if you like the stuff, the dill)

  5. Done

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