As the ultimate staple of Chinese cuisine, each family has its own secret recipe. And now I present mine to you!

This is a great bonding activity that can get very competitive as you all compete to make the plumpest and most perfect dumpling. 

Wrappers (optional — store bought is much easier and just as tasty)


·     2 cups of flour

·     Water 

·     Salt 


·     1lb pork

·     3 stalks of minced scallions

·     A dash of Fu Jian cooking wine (or sherry)

·     Moderate amount of soy sauce

·     Cornstarch

·     1 egg 

·     4 slices of minced ginger

·     12 leaves of minced Chinese cabbage

·     Salt

·     Sesame oil


1.    Mix flour and salt together

2.    Pour enough water until slightly crumbly and just comes together with a few tosses

3.    Kneed on a floured surface until it become a smooth ball and slightly firm to the touch

4.    Let dough rest for 30 minutes

5.    Roll into a long thin snake

6.    Chop up into 1 inch pieces

7.    Roll into a ball and flatten

8.    Use a rolling pin and sandwich the flattened disk on the outside of the rolling pin (away from you)

9.    Flatten while rotating and pulling the disk

10.  It should be fatter in the middle while thin on the edges


1.    Mix soy sauce, cooking wine, egg, and cornstarch with meat

2.    Then mix cooking wine and soy sauce with meat mixture

3.    In a separate bowl pour salt over the cabbage and let it stand for 5-10 minutes

4.    Squeeze out all the water from the cabbage

5.    Pour generous amount of sesame oil on top of cabbage

6.    Mix cabbage with meat


1.    Pour oil in a corner of a pan and dip bottom of dumplings and space around pan

2.    Turn to high heat and let the dumplings sit for 1 minute

3.    Pour enough water to reach 1/3 the height of the dumplings

4.    Cover

5.     Let it stand for 8 minutes (still on high heat)

6.    Take off cover and add a little bit more oil on edges of pan and middle

7.    Then sprinkle sesame seeds and chopped scallions on top 

8.    Serve