Our Story

We created Alexandrine & Cass in 2017 out of our love for food and beautiful design. Up until now, there has not been a single affordable Detroit-based kitchen knife company, which spurred on our mission: create unique Detroit knives that looked amazing and cut wonderfully. After a year of intensive testing, we achieved our dream:

  • A unique design that combined the best of Japanese and German styled chef’s knives

  • Full-tang blade

  • Spanish stainless steel

  • 18° angle ground blade

  • Olive wood handle

  • Curved heel for full-length sharpening, suitable for both a pinch grip and regular grip

  • Designed in Detroit. Made in Spain.

We hope you enjoy our products and join the Alexandrine & Cass family.

About Us

Like many others, we were transplants to the Detroit area intrigued by the stories of the renaissance of this city. It was and still is true. The creativity and the passion flows through everything here.

Alexandrine & Cass was born from the juncture of Detroit’s exploding food scene (as witnessed by Eater’s monthly Detroit’s Hottest Restaurant List) and entrepreneurial spirit.

Coupled with our personal passion for cooking and professional industry experience in product-design, we saw the need for a more beautiful world: beautiful craftsmanship with a beautiful story.

Welcome to Alexandrine & Cass.

Our Promise

We want you to fall in love with our products. Our commitment to you is to ensure that we bring you beautiful and finely crafted products. But let's go deeper:

Quality: We have selected the most exclusive materials, combined with precise craftsmanship.
Timeless Design: We are designing everything in-house with an eye towards balancing practicality and aesthetics.
Usefulness: We will only launch practical products that will be woven into your everyday life.
Provenance: We will scour the world to ensure that only experts in their crafts are creating our products.
Giving Back: We want to help revitalize Detroit and will donate a portion of proceeds back to the community.

Harrison, Co-Founder

Harrison, Co-Founder

Chris, Co-Founder

Chris, Co-Founder