Full Tang Blade

Full tang is a buzzword amongst the cutlery industry. If you’re a serious knife shopper you know to look for it, but do you know why (besides the years of media conditioning)?

Two big reasons: balance and strength.

A full tang blade runs through the entirety of the knife—all the way to the edge of the handle. We made sure to utilize this aspect to provide you with the perfect balance so that your knife retains a good hand-feel for effortless chopping.

Supplementing the balance, a full tang blade provides added strength. Not sure if you have had the same experience, but we have certainly experienced the terrifying moment when you’re getting deep into a thick slab of meat and suddenly the knife snaps in two (typically through the handle): this is due to a cheaper partial tang construction. I did horribly in high school physics, but I did pass with enough knowledge to know that that moment was due to the poorly placed fulcrum point. With a full tang blade, energy is distributed evenly throughout.

And let’s be honest, our knife looks quite smart with three rivets and a glimmer of silver streaking down the honey-colored olive wood.