Designed in Detroit. Made in Spain.

Yes, the Motor City is renowned for it's industrial might. Yes, we scoured the city for a local supplier. But at the end of the day, to offer you the best product, we unfortunately had to look outside our backyard and search for experts who have been honing their craft for centuries. But, there's nothing to say we won't be back if the time is right...

When you say “chef's knife,” people instinctively think of German and Japanese knives. The Germans are sturdy and robust: workhorses. The Japanese are delicate and precise: surgeons. So what about Spain?

Everyone overlooks the Spanish. Since the 15th century, Spain has been world renowned for crafting the finest and sharpest blades in the world. Historically crafted for dueling and hunting, today in the modern world, their continue their legacy, validated by uses in the UN, NATO, and various global forces. In fact, several German manufactuers have been outsourcing their production to Spain as well.

The most important thing that is unique to Spanish knives is the passion and soul built into each knife. This passion stems from the skilled craftsman forging your knife amidst the equatorial sun. The Spaniard’s skill is unmatched by the industrial stamping and milling processes of the incumbent stalwarts.

Remember too, food made with love and passion always tastes better than something just thrown together for the sake of eating. Passion and food are linked hand in hand.