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Cutlery Product Design

Our mission is to create beautifully designed and equally well-manufactured knives that tell a rich story—just for you. 

We started with our designed-in-Detroit Chef’s Knife. To expand our Detroit kitchen knife repertoire, we have also added a paring knife to the family. Accompanying both of these knives are vegetable-tanned calfskin leather sheathes.

All of our products are handcrafted in Spain with precision and tradition.

The Food Journal

What really started this journey was our love and passion for food. As with everyone, Instagramming, Yelping, Netflix-ing, Food Networking, and good old-fashioned feasting is now integral into today’s world.

Thus, as one of our side projects, we’ve created a food blog of food that we make with their accompanying recipes. Posts range from an Au Cheval Burger recipe to a twist on Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington recipe, along with a plethora of much much more!

Check us out every Tuesday for a new idea!

Read The Food Journal Here

 Product Pillars

Product Pillars